The Bonsai effect on the Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Bonsai Apocalypse

Dinosaur Bonsai Apocalypse: Dinosaur Age Extinction by Bonsai Effect, Moon Swap, Volcanic Eruptions, Ice Age And Asteroid Impact

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This book’s first chapters, explain the Moon-Earth relationship, the gravitational two-way grip between the Moon and Earth, The mechanism of the two-way gravitational lock/grip, the Moon’s two perpendicular axial Structure, the Moon’s magnetic polarity divisions (dipole and quadrupole), Earth’s inner structure, Earth’s solid inner core’s independent motion/spin from the mantle/crust.

The torus shaped core’s independent spin from the Mantle/crust, and its Importance for understanding the causes of the electromagnetic induction effect and how this generates the magnetosphere, which is a factor in protecting the atmosphere and affecting gravity.

Why Planets Spin on their Axes.

Deciphering the cause of planet Venus retrograde orbit (clockwise axial spin, contrary to the spin of the other planets in the Solar System), by using the same mechanism of the Earth-Moon gravitational two-way perpendicular grip.

Planet Uranus inclined orbit cause explained.

The cause of continental plates expansion and the expanding Earth.

The cause of the Universe’s constant expansion.

The causes and factors to the Dinosaur Age Extinction:

The Bonsai Effect, Moon Swap Effect, Volcanic Eruptions,

Ice Age and Asteroid Impact.

the Reasons for the Dinosaurs extinction and the size difference between the dinosaurs and subsequent species that followed

the Bonsai effect on planet Earth